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It is our family’s honor and privilege to introduce you to the historic Hotel Tarde. We recently restored this historic landmark; taking great care to ensure that the original character and integrity were maintained and its unique heritage honored. We are pleased to announce that Hotel Tarde is officially reopened to welcome guests for the first time in over a century.

As you will see in the history section of our site, the hotel was built in 1852 and was prominently known as one of the best hotels in Texas. The intriguing legends and tales of historical icons that made it a temporary abode have been handed down for decades. Robert E. Lee, Frederick Olmstead, Abner Double Day and Mrs. Clarissa Tarde are just a few that have roamed these halls and floors. This hotel delivers a nostalgic experience to guests, taking them back in time and placing them directly in the middle of some of the most defining moments in the history of the United States.

I am a native of Castroville and have traced my roots to one of the original founders, Nicolas Tschirhart from Alsace Lorraine, France. He and his family traveled in early 1845 on the ship called Norwegian. My husband Josh also has roots not too far away in Uvalde, Texas. So, this is near and dear to our hearts. We have been married for 14 years and have 3 beautiful children that keep us very busy. God is a stronghold in our lives and on July 2, 2021, HE swung open the door for us to purchase and reopen Historical Hotel Tarde. It's amazing how God works and we are beyond grateful for the opportunity HE has given us to bring Historical Hotel Tarde to generations of new visitors.

Staying at Hotel Tarde is an experience like no other. Whether you are an avid historian or know very little, there is much to appreciate about the hands-on structure, detail and craftsmanship that went into making this hotel. 

We hope to meet you someday and tell you all about Historic Hotel Tarde!

Josh, Pennie Robertson & Family

Providing comfort since 1852

Built In 1852

This charming two-story structure, was built in 1852 as a hotel by Victor and Clarissa Tarde, natives of Calais France. The Inn was highly touted by many travelers in the mid-1800's for the fine French food and hospitality.  Come see for yourself and hear the history behind Hotel Tarde!

Frederick Law Omsted

A guest of Hotel Tarde...Frederick Law Olmsted, in his book, "A Journey Through Texas," wrote of his arrival at Castroville in 1853: "Perhaps the most remarkable thing is the hotel by M. Tarde, a two story house with double galleries, and the best Inn we saw in the state. How delighted and astonished a traveler must have been, on arriving from the plains to this Inn."

Robert E Lee

During the 1850's, the Inn welcomed other renowned visitors destined to be key historical figures in the U.S. Civil War; among them: Robert E Lee, Joseph E Johnston, John Bell Hood, Earl Van Dorn, Ronald Ord, Dabny H. Maury, and Abner Doubleday.  


Abner Doubleday

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Robert E Lee


Abner Doubleday

Stay comfortably in a room that encapsulates centuries of history at Hotel Tarde. This 2 double bed hotel room is named after Abner Doubleday. Another famous visitor of the Historic Hotel Tarde. Doubleday was an American Civil War General. He was also declared by the Mills Commission to have invented the game of baseball.

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The Robertson's

Our family welcomes visitors to stay at the beautiful historic Hotel Tarde.  We are so excited God has chosen us to share with our guests this magnificent hotel and all the amazing history encapsulated within these walls.  Whether you are visiting for the weekend or planning a special event we look forward to meeting you!

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